Study Group Mathematics with Industry 2019

SWI 2019 will be held  from January 27 to February 1 at the Wageningen University.


What is SWI?

SWI (Study Group Mathematics with Industry) is a combined industrial–academic week-long workshop sponsored by NWO and STW. Roughly fifty to eighty mathematicians work in groups on problems submitted by companies. Companies present a selection of problems on Monday. The participants devote the entire week to studying these problems in smaller groups, and presents their results on Friday.

SWI is ideal for companies that are new to cooperation with academia. The event is often a first step towards a fruitful long-term collaboration between companies and academia.

Topics from last year (you may also wish to consult our searchable list of all years):

  • Causal effects of government decisions on earthquakes in Groningen (CBS)
  • Optimal order picking from a large retailer warehouse (CQM)
  • Stability analysis of a buck converter in feedback control (DNV GL)
  • Optimal use of in vitro techniques in Dutch bulb industry (Hobaho)
  • Player evaluation in soccer using 2D tracking data (SciSports)
  • Weibull estimation of bearing performance from acceptance tests (SKF)

How to participate

If you wish to contribute a problem to SWI 2019, please contact the organization committee. We will then contact you to discuss the details of the suggested problem and whether it is suitable for SWI.  Discussions about suggested problems have turned out to be very fruitful for companies.

After the discussion about a suggested problem, a formal decision about acceptance will made by the SWI organization committee.  The costs of participating as a company are €1750. In addition, a representative of your company is expected to be available at various moments during the week of  SWI 2019 at the Wageningen University.

All mathematicians from PhD level and higher are welcome to participate in the study groups of SWI 2019.  Please register via our registration form (not yet available).

Participation is free of charge, including the lunches and dinners mentioned in the program. Accommodation can be arranged for participants from outside the Wageningen region.

Registration is not yet possible.

The program is not yet available.

SWI 2019 does not yet feature in the media.

You may contact the SWI 2019 local organisation committee through the email address swi2019@wur.nl .

SWI 2019 News

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