KWR – Predicting the removal performance of activated carbon filters in water treatment

17-12-2018 - In the Netherlands, about one third of the drinking water is produced out of surface water that may contain all kinds of micropollutants (pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial compounds). A large fraction of these drinking water production sites use filtration by sorption onto activated carbon as an important barrier for micropollutants that are present in the water.View problem details

Synopsys – Latency prediction for on-chip communication

06-12-2018 - When placing components on a chip one is faced with several objectives. A major objective is that the length of the connections between the components should be minimal. For this aspect heuristic algorithms are available. Another objective is that the envisioned clock frequency can be met, or at least have the smallest violation. This frequency isView problem details

Marin – The Numerical Towing Tank

04-12-2018 - The Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) has been expanding the boundaries of maritime understanding of hydrodynamic research for over eighty years. MARIN has a dual mission: to provide industry with innovative design solutions and to carry out advanced research for the benefit of the entire maritime sector. Starting in the 1930s, one of our mainView problem details

SWECO – Controlling Traffic in the City of the Future

09-11-2018 - SWECO designs and develops societies and cities of the future. This consulting company advises in sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure, and access to electricity and clean water. SWECO is the largest engineering and consultancy company in Europe, with over 15.000 employees. The Mobility Solutions team of SWECO actively works on optimizing traffic flows in today’s cities,View problem details

Bruil – Prediction of print success for concrete 3D printing

01-11-2018 - Bruil beton & mix is specialized in the production of concrete for all kinds of applications. In the past years, Bruil has developed a new, exciting technique that has revolutionized this sector: production of prefab elements using concrete 3D printing. This development offers architects a completely new scala of design possibilities in form, colour, andView problem details

Hendrix Genetics – Turkey Body Weight Prediction

- Hendrix Genetics is a Dutch multi-species animal breeding, genetics and technology company and one of the world’s leading breeders and distributors of turkeys. An important characteristic in turkey breeding is body weight. In a recent trial approximately 200 turkeys were walked individually through a corridor in which a force plate was placed. During each walk,View problem details