SWI 2019

What would you ask to a bright mind?

The  Study Group Mathematics with Industry was held at the  Wageningen University & Research from January 28 to February 1, 2019. From traffic lights to towings tanks, from chips to carbon filters and from force plates to 3D prints in concrete: the Study Group Mathematics with Industry 2019 is in full swing. Sixty mathematicians gathered at Wageningen University & Research to solve six questions from companies – in one week. On Monday, the companies presented their questions. On Friday, the mathematicians will present the answers. Press is welcome on Friday, please contact us at swi2019@wur.nl.


Mathematics with Industry is studying problems from 6 companies

If you could borrow a group of talented mathematicians for a week, what would you have them do? The Study Group Mathematics with Industry is a combined industrial-academic workshop where mathematics is used to tackle problems presented by companies and other organizations outside academia. Roughly sixty mathematicians, both from industry and academia, gather during the week to collaborate intensively on industrial problems. Participating in the SWI leads to new insights for the company or confirmation of company insights by experts. The week also allows companies to become acquainted with students and evaluate them for future employment.

More information can be found at the SWI2019 pages.



SWI2019 on YouTube

05-02-2019 - Wageningen University & Research made a great video about the Study Group Mathematics with Industry 2019: it catches the vibe of the week. WUR also published a press release about the results. Press release: www.wur.nl/nl/nieuws-wur/Show/Studiegroep-Wiskunde-met-de-Industrie-kraakt-bedrijfsproblemen.htm YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6O1psgGYW5I&feature=youtu.be

Participating Mathematicians