About SWI

The Study Group Mathematics with Industry (SWI) is a combined industrial–academic workshop where mathematics is used to tackle problems presented by companies and other organisations outside academia. Roughly between fifty and eighty mathematicians, both from industry and academia, gather during the week to collaborate intensively on industrial problems.

Six problems, one week
The format follows the original Oxford model, dating back to 1968, which is used worldwide in similar study groups. Six companies present each present their problem on Monday. The participants devote the entire week to solving these problems in smaller groups. During the week groups maintain contact  with the problem owner to ensure that their efforts stay targeted at the problems posed by the companies. All groups present their work on Friday morning.

Reporting after the week is done through popular proceedings (written by a professional technical writer and targeted at a general audience) as well as scientific proceedings (written by the participating mathematicians and targeted at a technical audience).

SWI 2019
The 2019 Study Group will be in Wageningen, from January 28 to February 1. More information can be found on the SWI 2019-pages of this website.

Social media
You can follow the Study Group Mathematics with Industry on Linkedin.