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Study Group
The Study Group Mathematics with Indudstry (SWI) is a week-long industrial-academic workshop. Its goal is to tackle problems presented by companies. A group of mathematicians will explore your company’s problem. SWI  is great way of knowledge transfer between mathematicians and industry.

Problem desciption
Once a problem has been agreed with the organization, problem presenters prepare a written problem description for the mathematicians. The description is usually one or two pages long. On the first day of the workshop, the problem presenter will give a presentation on their problem. On the last day, the mathematicians will present their results.

A crucial aspect of the Study Groups is the interaction between the mathematical modellers and the problem presenters. The mathematicians will largely be coming at the problems cold. They will have lots of questions to ask the presenters, as they try to understand what is important to consider and what is not. It is therefore essential that the problem presenters are in attendance for most of the meeting. In particular, the presenters must be present for the first day, in order to present the problem and answer any immediate questions when the groups first meet.

In summary, a company may benefit from participating in a study group because it

  • leads to new insights or confirmation of company insights by experts
  • increases its network
  • allows companies to become acquainted with students and evaluate them for future employment.

The costs of participating as a company are €1750. In addition, a representative of your company was expected to be available at various moments during the week.

Would you like to participate in SWI2023, or would you like more information on the Study Group or on a different form of cooperation with mathematicians? Please contact us: