MARIN – Quiescent Periods for Helicopter Landing on Ships

Helicopter landing operations on ships are dominated by the expectation that ship motions will stay inside operational limits for a given time. For naval ships, the main criterium is the touchdown conditions. The minimal duration of an operational window is expressed in tens of seconds. The assessment of this expectation is done by the landingView problem details

ABN Amro – The Fair Value of a Mortgage

ABN AMRO is a retail bank and mortgages are an important part of the core business model. The balance sheet covers over 150 billion euros in residential mortgages, which is about 40% of the total assets. In order to properly steer the balance sheet and manage the bank’s risks, it is essential to correctly estimateView problem details

ABN - Fair value of a mortgage

TNO – Analyzing and Predicting Impact Created by Accidents on Road Networks

Road networks are becoming more and more vulnerable to incidents as a result of an increasing level of congestion. Predicting ‘reliably’ the expected time of arrival (ETA) is therefore becoming a serious challenge as incidents/accidents occurrence is quite a random process and their impact depends on a variety of factors making it far from trivialView problem details

Shell – Numerical-physical Modeling of Miscible Fluids in Pipeline Transport

In the oil and gas industry hydrocarbons are transported through long pipelines under various conditions. This transport process generally involves multiple chemical components present in multiple phases (oil, gas, water). The mathematical modeling and simulation of these problems is often done with one-dimensional models that treat the phases as immiscible. However, a particular case thatView problem details

Equalis – Equalizing the Cost of Health Insurance

In the Netherlands, health care expenses show major differences amongst regions. For instance, citizens of Heerlen had average health care costs of 2811 euro per insured, whereas this was only 1.633 euros in Urk (published by Vektis, a collaboration of health insurance companies). A possible explanation might be that citizens of Urk have a betterView problem details

Centraal Planbureau – Economic Optimal Water Safety

Economic optimal water safety in the Netherlands is since the flood disaster of 1953 an important topic in policy and research. CPB published in 1954 a (social) cost-benefit analysis (CBA) of a comprehensive plan to increase the water security of the Netherlands (Tinbergen, J., 1954, The economic balance of the Delta plan, annex to theView problem details