Zoro Feigl – Glider

Introduction An artwork about control and letting-go: A dance of visible and invisible forces and the extreme powers that are needed to control the ephemeral. A high-tech child’s play flows through the space with heavy-duty industrial machinery. An industrial robot arm moves its limb elegantly high above the viewer. The gentle, but fiercely moving machineView problem details

Synopsys – Macro Legalization in Chip Design

Advanced silicon chips power the amazing software we rely on every day. They are the foundation for everything from smartphones and wearables to self-driving cars and machines that learn. Synopsys is a company for electronic design automation (EDA), i.e., we develop software that enables our customers (Intel, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, and many more) to design andView problem details

Fontys – Smartscan

Fontys Hogescholen is a large (46,000 students, 5,000 employees) and broad public university of applied sciences with locations in ten cities in the south of the Netherlands (North Brabant and Limburg). The 25 separate Fontys institutes jointly provide more than 100 study programs – bachelor’s, master’s, associate degrees, and training and courses for the business market – and conduct practice-orientedView problem details

PostNL – Planning inter transports and loading trucks

Apart from mail delivery, PostNL’s most important service is to transport parcels ordered at web shops to consumers. This service is provided at an enormous speed and accuracy (99% within 24 hours) and at incredibly high volumes (> 106 parcels per day). As a consequence, highly efficient business processes are required to maintain this serviceView problem details

You2Yourself – Towards personalized health monitoring

You2Yourself (Y2Y) develops methods to measure biomarker profiles in periodic body fluid samples of individuals and algorithms to enable the early detection of life-threatening diseases in these profiles, which enhances the chance of cure. Next Generation Sequencing in blood and urine samples is used to establish personal baseline profiles at health. This enables sensitive detectionView problem details