Study Group Mathematics with Industry 1998

SWI 2011 was held at the University of Leiden. Problems were submitted by AKZO-NOBEL, Daniel den Hoedkliniek, Eldim, KPN, NMI and Trespa.


Organisers SWI 1998:

Steering committee
Prof dr ir C.J. van Duijn, CWI, hansd@cwi.nl
Dr ir B.W. van de Fliert, RUL, fliert@wi.leidenuniv.nl
Prof dr P.W. Hemker, CWI, pieth@cwi.nl
Prof dr R.M.M. Mattheij, TUE, mattheij@win.tue.nl
Dr J. Molenaar, TUE, jaapm@win.tue.nl

Prof dr R.J.M.M. Does, UvA, rjmmdoes@wins.uva.nl
Prof dr A. van Harten, UT, a.vanharten@sms.utwente.nl
Drs M.T. de Jong, STW, marijke@stw.nl
Prof dr C.A.J. Klaassen, UvA, chrisk@wins.uva.nl
Drs J. Niessen, STW/NWO, jac@stw.nl, niessen@nwo.nl
Dr ir C Roos, TUD, c.roos@twi.tudelft.nl
Prof dr ir H.C.A. van Tilborg, TUE, henkvt@win.tue.nl
Prof dr ir O.J. Vrieze, U Maastricht, oj.vrieze@math.rulimburg.nl


The Study Group takes the following format:

Monday morning: presentation of the problems by representatives from industry,
Monday afternoon till Thursday: intensive workshop-sessions,
Friday: presentation of the results by the academics.

A report of the results will be distributed among the participants shortly after the meeting.

During the week some expository lectures will be given on applications of mathematics in industry. These will be announced at a later stage. Speakers include Prof. H. Neunzert (University of Kaiserslautern) and Prof. J.H. van Lint (Technical University Eindhoven).

On Monday ECMI will host a reception at the Lorentz Center. On Thursday the Lorentz Colloquium will be held, followed by a reception hosted by the Lorentz Institute.

The Lorentz Center offers adequate offices and lecture rooms for the discussions and the presentations.
Location: Niels Bohrweg 2 in Leiden (next to the Huygens Laboratory)

Monday 14/9/98
10.15-10.45Presentation KPN Research
10.45-11.15Presentation NMi
11.30-12.00Presentation KPN Research
12.00-12.30Presentation Trespa
13.30-14.00Presentation Eldim
14.00-14.30Presentation Akzo Nobel
14.30-15.00Presentation Dr Daniel den Hoed Kliniek
15.30-17.30Splitting up into groups
17.30-19.00ECMI reception
Tuesday 15/9/98
13.00-14.00Lunch time football game
Wednesday 16/9/98
16.00-17.00Colloquium: Prof. Van Lint
17.30-18.30Frisbee game
Thursday 17/9/98
ATTENTION: change in programme:
14.00-15.00Lorentz Colloquium: Prof. Neunzert
17.00-18.00Lorentz reception
Friday 18/9/98
9.15-10.45Presentations 3 groups
11.15-12.45Presentations 3 groups
13.30-15.00Presentations remaining groups
15.00Closure and tea

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