Akzo Nobel – Instability in the Spinning of Fibers

A well-known problem in the spinning of fibers by drawing a liquid through a spin hole is that when the speed is increased, there appears an instability in the sense that the cross-section of the filament is no longer independent of time. In fact, oscillations arise at a large speed of spinning. In 1969 MatovichView problem details

Dr Daniel den Hoed Kliniek – Pattern Recognition in CT Scans

When making a diagnosis using a CT scan one looks for spherical shapes amidst bones and lung tissue. Where the bones show a value of 1000 on the CT san and air and lung tissue are at 0, the spheres distinguish themselves at a value of around 150. For the automatic pattern recognition one canView problem details

Eldim – Laser Percussion Drilling

Laser materials processing is well accepted in the industry. Most important applications are cutting, welding and marking. Drilling is a niche application. Only 2% of the system sold is used for drilling. In the gas turbine manufacturing, laser percussion drilling is used to drill film cooling holes. The typical hole diameter is 0.5 to 1.0View problem details

KPN – ADSL Modems

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is a well-used protocol to send information files over the Internet. The essence of this protocol is that the total quantity of information is divided into a number of smaller packages. Sending the data error-free is made possible by detecting the packages in which an error has occurred and resendingView problem details

NMi Van Swinden Laboratorium – The T-factor for a Non Gauss-distribution

For a small sample from a normal or Gauss-distribution, it has been derived by Student with which factor one has to multiply the standard deviation of the sample such that, with a certain probability, the center of the distribution is found in the interval on both sides of the average of the sample, with sizeView problem details

Trespa – Pressing of a Corner Profile

In the fabrication of office desks and plates for walls, Trespa presses thermally layers of paper impregnated with resin. During the heating process (up to 160 degrees at 90 bar) polymerisation of the resin occurs and densification takes place up to 70 per cent. In a related process for the fabrication of wood fibre platesView problem details