Thales – Optimization of the Lifetime of Sensor Networks

Sensor networks and networks of wearable communication systems (for example networks that support emergency workers in their efforts) have strong requirements for their energy consumption. Instead of only focusing on minimization of energy consumption of the individual nodes (which leads to locally optimal solutions)  it is important to maximize the lifetime of the whole network.View problem details

TataSteel – Image Recognition of Shape Defects in Hot Steel Rolling

Tata Steel is the 2nd largest steel producer in Europe with major manufacturing sites in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Belgium. The IJmuiden site in The Netherlands hosts a fully integrated production process in which coils of coated steel strips are produced out of raw materials such as iron ore and coal. HotView problem details

Philips – A New Ray-tracing Method for Non-imaging Optics

Introduction In illumination engineering, the transfer of light from the source to the target is computed to obtain photometric quantities like the luminous intensity, color point, and brightness. The technique that is commonly used is the Monte Carlo (MC) ray tracing method that traces randomly rays through an optical system containing components like lenses andView problem details

MARIN – Structural Integrity of Marine Structures

Operators of ships and offshore structures face the responsibility of maximizing the operational window while taking care of the safety onboard.  Periodic inspections help the operator to assess if the structure is still in one piece and whether repairs are required. Continuous monitoring of the structure’s response as motions and stresses is increasingly used toView problem details

Endinet – Future Challenges in the Electricity Grid

Endinet is a network company that distributes electricity and gas to various customers in the province of North-Brabant of the Netherlands. Endinet owns the medium (10kV) and low voltage (230V) networks of Eindhoven and a part of Veldhoven and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of these networks. Most of the network operators inView problem details

Bartels – Building a Mountain in The Netherlands

God created the world and the Dutch created the Netherlands. This old and popular expression among Dutch people could get a completely new meaning. After the polders, dikes, and Delta works, the Dutch may have a new flagship: the Dutch mountain. The idea started as a column by journalist and former professional cyclist Thijs Zonneveld.View problem details