Chess – Gossiping to Optimality

Analysis and optimization of message delivery in wireless sensor networks Chess is a company of about 160 employees, with locations in Haarlem and Best, that offers products, solutions and services in the field of electronics, IT-applications and embedded software. One of the projects of Chess has to do with ‘wireless sensor networks’. Suppose that aView problem details

NMI – Calibration of Pressure Measurement

In pressure measurement, the value of pressure is determined by dividing the force exerted on a piston by the effective area of the piston. The effective area of the piston may differ from the actual area because of irregularities at the piston edge and because of leakage through the thin cavity between the piston andView problem details

TWARON – Bullet-proof Math

Twaron is a strong fiber. Teijin Twaron is a split off from AKZO-Nobel and is now part of Teijin, a Japanese company. Teijin Twaron is responsible for developing the Twaron fiber and its applications. One of the applications of Twaron is in bullet-proof vests. Twaron is interested in finding the velocity at which only aView problem details

Nucletron – Radiological Needlework

Nucletron is a high-tech, international company, that specializes in equipment for medical diagnostics. Problem description To treat prostate cancer with radiological techniques, the prostate is perforated with a number of needles. Before the radiological treatment may start, the exact positions of these needles must be known. To detect these positions, an ultra-sound sensor is used.View problem details

DSM – Catching Gas with Droplets

At DSM one is interested in the development of packaging materials that are not or little permeable for certain gases. Think of the packaging of meat in a polymer sheet, that should keep the meat free from oxygen. The idea to realize this is to include in the sheet of packaging material droplets that absorbView problem details

ASML – Optimizing Software Release Policy

ASML is a company located in Veldhoven that builds machines for manufacturers of computer chips. The software of these machines ASML sells now consists of one large package, a so-called monolith. Their current policy is to release a new version of this entire monolith approximately every nine months. This monolithic approach has a few disadvantages.View problem details