NOZ – Reconstruction of sea-surface temperatures using fossil marine plankton

15-11-2016 - The predictive quality of climate models can be enhanced by incorporating information about temperatures from the past. A number of methods have been developed to determine the ancient temperatures of the upper ocean, and one of these is based on the use of deep sea micro fossils. For many millions of years a large numberView problem details

Phytocare – Parameters to grow roses

- In Agriculture the key point is optimizing the production at limited costs. For decennia already, one has tried for the best and one cannot do without a computer anymore. In present-day greenhouses the control of the inner climate is fully automated. The inner climate could be held constant, but for the optimization of the productionView problem details

Artis – Aquarium Problem

- The Artis Zoo has a problem in its Aquarium and in the adjacent Zoological Museum. Situation Part of the Aquarium is a corridor which contains so called mammoth tanks which measure 5 by 2.5 by 20 meters and are filled with water. Because of the tropical fish inside, the water should have a temperature ofView problem details

Philips – Compression of data

- Philips Natlab is looking for new ways to compress audio-signals. Situation A new method for the digital representation of high quality audio signals has been introduced as an alternative to the widely used 16-bit recording format used for CD signals. This new method [3] produces 1-bit samples at a rate that typically is 64 timesView problem details

Magma – Design Automation: Component placement on chips

- The ‘holey cheese’ problem One of the steps in the design process of chips is the positioning of every single component or ‘cell’ on the chip. The cells are mutually connected by wires. The wiring scheme is given, and in this phase of the design process the positioning of the various cells must be determined.View problem details

Eurodiffusie – Diffusion of euro coins over Europe

- From 1st January 2002 we have the unique possibility to follow the spread of national euro coins over the different European countries. We model and analyse this movement and estimate the time it will take before on average half the coins in our wallet will be foreign.