KNMI – Fog Detection from Camera Images

KNMI products and services rely heavily on observations. Besides increasing amounts of data from traditional sources (such as observation networks), the use of open data, crowd-sourced data and the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly emerging.  To deploy these sources of data optimally, the KNMI DataLab has been established. Data‐driven innovations that arise from public‐privateView problem details

NS – Energy-efficient Railway Timetabling

Environmental and economic considerations urge companies to seek better, more efficient ways of using available resources. Energy is one of these resources, and railway systems are large consumers of electricity, indeed. Even the slightest improvement in the energy consumption of trains can lead to very visible effects, helping to reduce CO2 emissions and to improveView problem details

Marel Stork – Chilling on the Chicken Express

System information In a processing line products hang, on a constant pitch, in a shackle, the shackle is attached to a chain by means of a trolley, on the other side the trolley has wheels that run of a profile. The assembly is called the overhead conveyor. The endless chain is running the whole productionView problem details

Ortec Finance – Forecasting Financial Scenarios using Expert Opinions

1   About Ortec Finance Ortec Finance is a company of about 200 employees and its two main offices are located in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The central mission of Ortec Finance is improving financial decision-making and monitoring by providing understanding, transparency and control through a combination of market knowledge, mathematical models, and Information Technology (IT). PensionView problem details

HZPC – Predicting Early Bulking in Potatoes

Tuber bulking is the 4th growth stage in the development of potato. Tuber cells expand with the accumulation of water, nutrients, and carbohydrates. Tubers become the dominant site for the deposition of carbohydrates and mobile inorganic nutrients. In breeding we are looking for early bulking varieties (to be able to harvest most kg in desirableView problem details

Dümmen Orange – Optimal Cutting Strategies for Flowers

Dümmen Orange is a leading company in the breeding and development of cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants, and perennials with over a century of experience in the horticultural industry. In addition to a large marketing and sales network, Dümmen Orange has a strong network of production locations. In these production centra, so-called mother plantsView problem details