UMC – Rapid calculation of the radiofrequency field pattern in MRI

01-11-2016 - Introduction The physical principle of MRI is based upon the application of a strong static magnetic field to the patient. This field forces the magnetic spin moment of hydrogen nuclei in the patients to precess around the external field with a particular frequency which scales proportionally with the magnetic field strength. Central in the imagingView problem details

Optimizing the function of artificial heart pumps in humans

- In acute heart failure, the cardiologist or cardio-thoracic surgeon may introduce a catheter-mounted pump into the left heart chamber. The left heart chamber is responsible for maintaining the circulation through the following organs: brains, muscles, intestines, kidneys etc. Therefore, acute heart failure, and specifically heart failure of the left chamber, results in so-called cardiogenic shockView problem details

KLM – Optimizing the reserve strategy of cabin crew

- The cabin crew of KLM receive a new roster every week, which shows their assignment for the next several weeks. A typical flight assignment consists of several days of duty followed by a number of days off. Such a combination of duty time and free time is fixed for each type of flight and isView problem details

ING – Improving an equity option pricing model

- Introduction Volatility, i.e., the uncertain fluctuations in the prices of financial assets such as stocks, is of paramount importance in financial markets theory and practice. Volatility characterizes the risk of an investment. Moreover, volatility is a major determinant of the price of a financial derivative. A financial derivative is a contract that derives its valueView problem details

Innogrow – Optimizing a closed greenhouse

- Innogrow develops and sells a new type of greenhouse, called GeslotenKasĀ®. By closing the windows of a greenhouse and providing it with an integrated climate and energy system, maximal control is obtained over the growth factors and energy use. The closed greenhouse also functions as an energy source. Excess heat is saved in a seasonalView problem details

ASML – A sampling problem

- ASML develops machines to perform the very critical lithographic step in the process of integrated circuit manufacturing. Lithography boils down to exposing a photo lacquer (resist) present on a silicon plaque (wafer) with ultra violet light using a mask (glass plate called reticle with a chrome pattern, derived from the integrated circuit layout, on it).View problem details