Groendus – Optimal EV charge management

Who are we? Groendus helps businesses optimize their energy management and make it more sustainable – by saving energy, generating energy themselves, and consuming energy intelligently. We look far beyond the electricity meter. But for the energy transition to succeed, we need to do more. That’s why we’re also building a future-proof energy system. TogetherView problem details

KLM – estimating the booking curve

Introduction The Pricing & Revenue Management team of Air France – KLM forecasts demand, willingness to pay, show-up rates, and booking curves of passengers. Based on that, we determine the optimal price to ask for airline tickets. The booking window of a flight (which starts one year before departure) is split up into 30 timeView problem details

VSL – Time averages and their totals in the billing of natural gas

The fiscal metering of natural gas is often performed using a flow meter and a gas chromatograph. The flow meter is used to measure the volume flow rate of the gas passing the metering station. The gas chromatograph is used to measure the composition, from which the calorific value is determined. Both are measured atView problem details

Doing the Math – Design of multi-commodity energy networks

Introduction Navigating the evolving energy landscape necessitates the imperative planning and design of multi-commodity energy networks, driven by various crucial considerations. The motivation for embracing multi-energy systems lies in unlocking efficiency benefits through coordinated efforts, with non-electric energy carriers like hydrogen offering superior long-term storage options and playing a vital role in decarbonization efforts. DespiteView problem details

The Driving Force (TDF) – Optimal food production planning

BuyFresh The Driving Force (TDF) is the creator of the BuyFresh platform that helps small- to medium-scale food producers sell their products online. The production plan is one of the important day-to-day decisions that bakers make to optimize their profit. However, they often need more mathematical background to make an optimal production plan. To supportView problem details

IKEA – Smart allocation of online orders

IKEA produces and distributes home furniture in 31 countries from more than 482 stores worldwide, and it does so with a shared and inspiring vision: to create a better everyday life for many people. Therefore, IKEA continuously focuses on improving its services and becoming more accessible to many people. To meet their expectations, we areView problem details