A Novel Strategy Model Approach for Racing Solar Cars in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Introduction   Top Dutch Solar Racing is a student team from Groningen that aims to develop and test technologies in the field of sustainable car mobility. We do this by building a solar energy-powered electric vehicle. The goal is to contribute to the industry by using and validating new technologies to improve carbon emission-reduced mobility.View problem details

The Heat Transition – Mathematical Models and Optimization

DHM advises and is leading processes and projects in mobility, infrastructure, water and energy. Sustainability, climate, smart cities and digital innovation is our core business. We accelerate in results, communication, positive leadership and connecting teams and other stakeholders. We believe in a sustainable future wherein people can move freely and live carefree together. We investView problem details

Stereo 3D Cloud Motion from Tandem Satellites

Harmony The European Space Agency has recently selected the Harmony mission to be implemented as the 10th Earth Explorer mission  . Earth Explorers are innovative research missions, aiming to advance our knowledge of the Earth System. One of the main scientific objectives of Harmony is to resolve physical processes in the marine atmospheric boundary layerView problem details

Frequency Domain Characteristics in Nonlinear Trimmer Dynamics

Philips Drachten is one of the Philips largest development and production centers in Europe. Here, we work together with more than 2000 people on Personal Health products, such as the newest shavers, Avent Mother & Childcare products, OneBlades, Ladyshaves and beard trimmers.   At Philips we use dynamical models to simulate and analyze the dynamicView problem details

Data-driven Parameters Tuning for Predictive Performance Improvement of Wirebonder Multi-body Model

The ASMPT Centre of Competency, located in Beuningen, is responsible for identifying new high-tech innovation opportunities for the full global ASMPT product portfolio. The equipment portfolio of ASMPT covers the complete back-end section of the semiconductor equipment market, and offers comprehensive assembly and advanced packaging solutions for its customers in the fields of optoelectronics, electronics,View problem details