Philips – The behaviour of a droplet of polymer solution in an ink-jet printer

12-11-2016 - Light-emitting polymer displays are a new, interesting flat display principle. The active material in the display is a  very thin semi-conducting polymer layer of order 100 nanometer. To obtain these thin layers a small concentration of the polymer is dissolved in a suitable solvent. Different colours can be obtained with different polymers. To make aView problem details

Nederlands Forensisch Instituut – Probability model for marks and prints

- From the Nederlands Forensisch Instituut there are two related problems, one about so-called toolmarks and the other about shoeprints. Toolmarks appear when at a burglary a tool (a screwdriver or crowbar) is being used to break a door or window open. This tool leaves a mark: in the door post for example a mark orView problem details

KLM – Performance Forecast of a Flight Schedule

- In search of a quick method to forecast the quality of a flight schedule Situation KLM flies to over 150 destinations with 97 aircraft. Four times a year, a new flight schedule is developed. Though the operational feasibility is taken into account up to a certain degree during the development process, the aim at thatView problem details

Het Nationaal Beiaard Museum – How to hang bells and wire construction of a carillon in a tower

- A carillon consists of approximately 20 up to 45 bells. These bells hang in an open lantern-tower (like the Munttoren in Amsterdam) or inside a tower under the roof. A carillon is played using a keyboard that is generally located one story below the bells. A wire connects each clapper to the keyboard. The oldestView problem details

RIVO – Problems surrounding the expanding Pacific oyster in the Eastern Scheldt

- History of oysters Flat oysters have been commercially cultured in the Eastern Scheldt Estuary (The Netherlands) since 1875. After the severe winter of 1962/1963, which caused a high mortality, the stock was diminished. Searching for alternatives, Dutch oyster farmers introduced the Pacific oyster to the Eastern Scheldt in 1964. The Pacific oyster is native toView problem details