Study Group Mathematics with Industry 2018

SWI 2018 will be held from January 29 to February 2 at the Eindhoven University of Technology.


What is SWI?

SWI (Study Group Mathematics with Industry) is a combined industrial–academic week-long workshop sponsored by NWO and STW. Roughly fifty to eighty mathematicians work in groups on problems submitted by companies. Companies present a selection of problems on Monday. The participants devote the entire week to studying these problems in smaller groups, and presents their results on Friday.

SWI is ideal for companies that are new to cooperation with academia. The event is often a first step towards a fruitful long-term collaboration between companies and academia.

Topics from last year (you may also wish to consult our searchable list of all years):

  • Numerical-physical modelling of miscible fluids in pipeline transport (Shell)
  • Health care expenditures differ significantly between regions in the Netherlands: efficiency or health related? (Equalis)
  • The fair value of a mortgage (ABN AMRO)
  • Analyzing and predicting impact created by accidents on road networks (TNO)
  • Quiescent periods for helicopter landing on ships (MARIN)
  • Economic optimal water safety (Centraal Planbureau)

How to participate

If you want to contribute a problem to SWI 2018, please contact the organization committee through swi2018@tue.nl. The costs of participating as a company are €1750. In addition, a representative of your company is expected to be available at various moments during the week of  January 29 2018 at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

All mathematicians from PhD level and higher are welcome to participate in the study groups of SWI 2018.  You can register on our registration form.

Participation is free of charge, including the lunches and dinners mentioned in the program. Accommodation can be arranged for participants from outside the Eindhoven region.

There are no media appearances of SWI 2018 yet. You may wish to have a look at the YouTube movie of SWI, that gives a good impression of the Studygroups Mathematics with Industry:

Companies that wish to propose a problem for SWI 2018 are kindly requested to contact


Alessandro Di Bucchianico





Mathematicians that wish to participate in solving the problems may send request for information to swi2018@tue.nl. Registration will shortly be possible through the registration form.



  • Alessandro Di Bucchianico (chairman)
  • Stella Kapodistria
  • Cor Hurkens
  • Oliver Tse


The event takes place at the campus of the Eindhoven University of Technology. Please consult the travel directions on the TU/e website for further details on how to reach the campus.


SWI 2018 News

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